La Liga Football stadium of 5 popular teams

La Liga Football stadium of 5 popular teams #LaLiga #realMadrid #Barcelona #Valencia

#LaLiga #stadium #realMadrid #EstadioSantiagoBernabeu #Barcelona #CampNou #AtleticoMadrid #WandaMetropolitano #AthleticBilbao #SanMames #Valencia #EstadiodeMestaja #Mestaja real Madrid Real Madrid Club de Football is a sports club whose hometown is Madrid, Spain. Known as Real Madrid, he joins La Liga, a professional football league in Spain, in the football sector. Estadio Santiago Bernabeu Estadio Santiago Bernabéu (Spanish pronunciation: esˈtaðjo sanˈtjaɣo βernaˈβeu) Estadio Santiago Bernabéu is a football-only stadium in Madrid, Spain, and the home stadium of La Liga. It opens on December 14, 1947. Capacity 81,044. There is "Santiago Bernabeu Station" on Madrid Metro Line 10, and you can get off at this station when you go to the stadium. The station is located in the center of the business district. FC Barcelona The Football Club Barcelona (Futbol Club Barcelona) is a sports club based in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain). As the name implies, the football division of La Liga is particularly famous, and is one of the clubs that originally joined the former G-14. Camp Nou Camp Nou (Catalan: Camp Nou, pronounced Kam Nou [kam ˈnɔw]) is a football stadium in Barcelona, Province of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Atletico Madrid Club Atlético de Madrid SAD (Spanish pronunciation: ˈkluβ aðˈletiko ðe maˈðɾið) is a football club team based in La Liga, based in Madrid, Spain. Generally recognized as Atletico Madrid or simply Atletico. UEFA Club Ranking is 4th. "Atletico" means "Athletic". There are many soccer clubs with the name "Atletico" around the world, but the abbreviation "Atletico" generally refers to this club. However, in Japan, it may be written as "Atletico Madrid" in Brazilian Portuguese. Wanda Metropolitano Estadio Metropolitano is a stadium in Madrid, Spain. Called Wanda Metropolitano by the naming license of the Dalian Wanda Group. Athletic Bilbao Athletic Club (Spanish: Athletic Club) is a football club based in Bilbao, Biscaya Province, Basque Country, Spain. In Japan, it is widely known as Athletic Bilbao (Spanish: Athletic Bilbao). San Mames Estadio San Mamés (Spanish: Estadio San Mamés Spanish pronunciation: [sam maˈmez ˈβarja], Basque pronunciation: [sam mamez βaria]) is a football stadium in Bilbao, Spain. This stadium replaces the old Estadio San Mames, which was used from 1913 to 2013. It is the home stadium of the Basque national team, Athletic Bilbao of La Liga. Valencia CF The Valencia Club de Fútbol (Spanish: [baˈlenθja ˈkluβ ðe ˈfuðβol], Catalan: València Club de Futbol [vaˈlensia ˈklub de fubˈbɔl]) is a football club based in Valencia, Spain. It is. He belongs to Primera Division of Liga Espanola. Estadio de Mestaja Estadio de Mestalla is a football stadium in Valencia, Spain. The home stadium of Valencia CF belonging to La Liga, "Mestalla" is named after the canal of the river flowing through Valencia. Mestalla is known as a hurdle for Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and the two Spanish players tend to struggle to play in this stadium.