Italy Serie A Football stadium of 5 popular teams

Italy Serie A Football stadium of 5 popular teams #SerieA #Juventus #ACMilan #InterMilan #ASRome

#SerieA #stadium #Juventus #ACMilan #InternazionaleMilano #InterMilan #StadioGiuseppeMeazza #ASRome #SSLazio #StadioOlimpicodiRoma #SSCNaples #StadioSanPaolo Serie A is a top division run by Italian professional football league, Rega Calcio. Juventus Juventus Football Club s.p.a is a professional football club that is part of the Italian Professional Football League (Rega Calcio), with its home town of Turin, Italy. As a Kana transcription, "Juventus" is close to the local sound. The owner has been owned by the family of the Italian family Agnelli, which has produced a large number of businessmen since 1923, and as of August 2018, the Agnelli family investment company Exor holds 63.77% of the club's shares. Juventus Stadium Juventus Stadium is a stadium on the outskirts of Turin, Italy. Home stadium of Juventus FC belonging to Serie A. It is Italy's first club-owned stadium. Allianz has acquired naming rights since 2017 and is named Allianz Stadium. However, it will be Juventus Stadium during UEFA competitions. AC Milan Associazione Calcio Milan (Italian: Associazione Calcio Milan s.p.a) is a professional soccer club that is a member of the Italian professional football league (Rega Calcio), established in 1899 in Milan, Italy. Also commonly referred to as AC Milan (AC Milan) or simply Milan. Internazionale Milano,Inter Milan FC Internazionale Milano (Italian: FC Internazionale Milano) is a professional soccer club based in Milan, Italy. Abbreviations are "Inter", "Inter Milan" and "FC Intel". The only club in the history of the Italian football top division, known as Serie A, which was launched in 1929, has never been demoted. Stadio Giuseppe Meazza Stadio Giuseppe Meazza is a football stadium in Milan, Italy. The owner is Milan City. The general name is San Siro. It is used as a home stadium for Serie A's Internazionale Milano and AC Milan, as well as for various games and events such as UEFA Champions League and concerts. There is also the San Siro Stadio Station of the Milan Municipal Subway, which is adjacent. AS Rome Associazione Sportiva Roma (Italy: Associazione Sportiva Roma) is a football club team based in Rome, Italy. It is simply written as Rome. SS Lazio SS Lazio (Società Sportiva Lazio S.p.A.) is a soccer club team based in Rome, Italy (Lazio). Stadio Olimpico di Roma Stadio Olimpico, Roma is a stadium in Rome, Italy. AS Roma and SS Lazio are home stadiums. Rugby and soccer representatives from Italy are also used as home bases. Capacity: 70,634. Completed on May 17, 1953. It was built as the main venue for the Rome Olympics (1960). His nickname is Olimpico. SSC Naples SSC Naples (Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli SpA) is a football club team based in Naples, Italy. Stadio San Paolo Stadio San Paolo is a multi-purpose stadium located in Naples, Campania, Italy. Serie A SSC is the home stadium of Naples. Despite being significantly smaller than the opening, it is still the third largest soccer stadium in Italy, after Stadio Giuseppe Meazza and Stadio Olimpico di Roma.