Premier League, Top football league division in England

Premier League, Top football league division in England #PremierLeague #Topfootballleaguedivision

#PremierLeague #Topfootballleaguedivision Premier League, Top football league division in England The English Premier League, together with Serie A of Italy, La Liga of Spain, Bundesliga of Germany, and League Ann of France, form the five largest professional football leagues in Europe. The national league of soccer started in England in 1888, and the Premier League was founded in 1992. It is viewed by over 1 billion people worldwide and is the most popular league in the world [4] and one of the world's highest leagues. In addition to soccer competitions, TV leagues have the largest audience among sports leagues worldwide, and their popularity and ability are both high. In addition, it is also characterized by the financial strength and the level difference between the upper team and the lower team, and the lower team often beats the upper team. For this reason, it is now said to be the most difficult league in the world to win. Since 2000, it has been the dominant European league in sales, with sales of 2,479 million euros in the 2009-2010 season, far behind second-place Bundesliga. Television broadcasting royalties are also huge, with a contract of € 9.5 billion (about 1.3 trillion yen) over the three years from 2016 to 2019. Half of the broadcasting fee will be distributed equally to each club, with 25% of the games played and the remaining 25% distributed according to ranking. Overseas broadcasts are evenly distributed. No. 1 in 2014-2015 Chelsea earned 124 million euros (about 15.3 billion yen), and even the lowest QPR earned 79 million euros (about 10.5 billion yen). Since the founding of the Premier League, only six clubs have won the Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Leicester City. In the 2000s, Manchester U, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool have been called the “Big 4” due to their championship competitions every year.・ It is becoming a “Big 6” that adds Hotspur and Manchester City. In May 2011, Manchester U won the twelfth victory since the founding of the Premier League in 1992. The result was the 19th victory, along with seven victories in the football league era, making it the most dominant team in the top leagues in England. The winning team will have the golden lion logo embroidered on their sleeves the following season (usually dark blue). Liverpool Manchester City Leicester City Chelsea Manchester United Wolverhampton Wanderers Sheffield United Tottenham Hotspur Crystal Palace Arsenal Everton Newcastle United Southampton Burnley FC Brighton and Hove Albion West Ham United Watford Aston Villa AFC bone mouse Norwich City Old Trafford White Hart Lane Emirates Stadium London Stadium City of Manchester Stadium Anfield St James Park Stamford Bridge Goodison Park St. Marys Stadium Walkers Stadium Molineux Falmer Stadium Cardiff City Stadium Craven Cottage Selhurst Par McAlpine Stadium Turf Moor Vicarage Road Dean Court